Polystyrene (PS)

Chemically, polystyrene is a long chain hydrocarbon in which carbon-variable centers are attached to phenyl groups (a name given to ring-shaped benzene). The chemical formula is polystyrene (n (C8H8).It contains molecules of the chemical elements carbon and hydrogen. The properties of the material are determined by the short-term absorption of the van de Waals between the polymer chains. Because molecules are long-chain hydrocarbons made up of thousands of atoms, the total tensile force between the molecules is large. When heated (or rapidly deformed due to a combination of viscoelastic and thermal insulation properties), the chains become more compatible and slip side by side. This intermolecular looseness (as opposed to the high intermolecular strength due to the resistance of hydrocarbons) gives the material its flexibility and elasticity. The system's ability to deform at temperatures above its glass to polystyrene (and heat-resistant polymers in general) allows it to be easily softened and shaped when heated.