Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

t is a chemical compound, which is used as an intermediate polymer in Electron-beam lithography. This material is one of the hardest and strongest polymers with higher transparency than polished glass and surface which is resistant to weathering. Polymethyl methacrylate plates have significant resistance to atmospheric factors and sunlight. They have excellent optical properties and a clear surface, and at the same time are more resistant to impact than glass. In addition, they have a very low moisture absorption percentage and good tensile and electrical resistance. About 40 to 50 percent of the polymer's products are used in the automotive industry, 33 percent in the construction and lighting industries, and the rest in the production and design of CDs, toys, stationery such as pens, decorations and sculptures, and electrical industries. As acrylic, glass acrylic or polyethylene, as well as the Crylux, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite and Perspex brands, among several other names, transparent thermoplastic is often used on sheet as a lightweight or glass-resistant alternative. The same material can be used as a casting resin, in ink and coating, and has many other uses.