Colored bonding powder


Color coating powder is a category of cementitious coatings in accordance with the requirements of national standard of Iran and utilizing modern European technology in the field of dry mortar for refractory bricks, traditional brick and ceramic tiles. Color coating powder consists of organic chemicals and mineral powders. This powder improves the adhesion and impermeability of the surface to moisture, as well as the use of mortar-ready composites according to the requirements of the workplace characteristics and the type of parts and materials used. In improving quality, increasing durability and Strength, beauty, and speed of execution play an effective role.

Colored bonding powder

Colored bonding powder in different colors

White powder bonding powder

Gray powder bonding powder

Black powder coating
Green paint bonding powder

Blue powder bonding powder

Red powder bonding powder
Cream paint powder coating

Earthy powder coating

Chocolate bonding powder
Brown powder bonding powder

White powder bonding powder

Bleaching powder paint cream Algan